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Chapter 9. Reaching an Agreement: Matchi... > Agree to Disagree - Pg. 94

Reaching an Agreement: Matching Sentence Parts · Errors often occur when there are incorrect shifts in person and gender. For example: Error: Herman will screen the video teleconference, which you need to stay timely. 2. 94 Correct: Herman will screen the video teleconference, which he needs to stay timely. Use a singular personal pronoun with a singular indefinite pronoun. · If anyone questions the amount, refer him or her to payroll. The singular pronouns him or her refer to the singular pronoun anyone. · Each police officer and firefighter has to watch his or her figure. Use a singular pronoun if the nouns are preceded by each or every. Use a plural pronoun when the antecedents are joined by and. This is true even if the ante- cedents are singular. 3. Strictly Speaking Many people now use the plural personal pronoun their rather than the singular personal pronouns his and her with the singular indefinite pronouns everyone and everybody, as in "Everyone take out their pepper spray." Purists still sneer at this usage, so agree to disagree at your own peril. 4. · Toody and Muldoon maintain their svelte figures by eating bean sprouts rather than donuts. Because the two singular antecedents Toody and Muldoon are joined by and, use the plural pronoun their . Antecedents joined by or, nor, or correlative conjunctions such as either / or, neither / nor agree with the antecedent closer to the pronoun.