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Chapter 5. Altered States: Verbs > Verb Tense: Nothing a Little Prozac Wouldn't... - Pg. 48

Altered States: Verbs Present Tense strive swear swim take teach tear throw wake wear write Past Tense strove swore swam took taught tore threw woke or waked wore wrote Past Participle striven sworn swum taken taught torn thrown woken or waked worn written 48 Now I Lay Lie Lay Me Down to Sleep You can argue whether men are from Mars and women are from Venus, but everyone agrees that lie and lay are definitely from another planet. These two verbs may be the most commonly confused pair of words in English. Here's the problem: They're just plain evil. Seriously, lie is an irregular verb that conjugates lie, lay, lain. Lay, in contrast, is a regular verb that conjugates lay, laid, laid. Because lay is both the present tense of to lay and the past tense of lie, many speakers and writers use lay when they mean lie. Danger, Will Robinson