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Programming Your Subtractor Patch > Programming the Oscillators - Pg. 214

Another additional parameter you might want to adjust is the range of the Pitch Bend Wheel. As a personal preference, I like to assign a value of 24 to the Pitch Bend Wheel to create wild pitch bent notes and chords. Using the Subtractor with the Matrix This section gives you a little taste of the kind of fantastic sounds you can get from the Subtractor, when using it along with the Matrix Pattern Sequencer. Although you dig into the Matrix later in this book, I thought it might be fun to show you how to make the Subtractor sound like Robby the Robot. What Is the Matrix? The Matrix is a software emulation of what is called a control voltage sequencer (see Figure 9.12). This was a hardware device that was used to sequence synthesizers back in the days of "Switched on Bach" and Emerson, Lake, and Palmer. Essentially, a control voltage (or CV) sequencer sends out controlled amounts of voltage that are read by the synthesizer and interpreted as pitch and length of notes. Figure 9.12 The Matrix Pattern Sequencer is used to write synth patterns for