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Programming Your Subtractor Patch > Programming the LFOs - Pg. 216

5. In order to hear the Subtractor, you will need to draw in a Gate pattern, which is done at the bottom portion of the Matrix grid section (see Figure 9.15). Figure 9.15 Draw in a Gate pattern in order to hear the Subtractor in the next step. 6. Draw in a Curve pattern for the Matrix by simply clicking in the grid section. As the pattern recycles, you should be able to hear random notes play from the Subtractor. Giving each grid a different value, as shown in Figure 9.16, can change these notes. Figure 9.16 Drawing in a curved pattern with the Matrix is easy and sounds great when you need some interesting elements for your electronic masterpiece. I'm sure at this point you can see that the Subtractor is a synth of many creative possibilities. It has certainly earned a welcome place in my virtual studio due to its very useful sounds and endless routing potential. For those of you looking for even more wild synth sounds and swirls, get ready for Chapter 10, "The Malström--Close Up," where you'll take a guided tour of Reason's other synth, the Malström.