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Chapter 9. The Magic of Entertainment Op... > What Went Wrong: Your Quick Fix Refe...

What Went Wrong: Your Quick Fix Reference

If you encounter problems with some of the home network add-ons mentioned in this chapter, here are some possible solutions:

  • Some PCs will refuse to boot if a keyboard or mouse isn't present. If you are having trouble getting your network entertainment center PC to start, attach a monitor and watch the onscreen messages when you turn on the PC. If you see a message telling you that the system cannot start because the keyboard (or mouse) is missing, you'll need to have a keyboard (or mouse) attached. If you don't want the keyboard to be in the way, consider switching to a wireless keyboard. You might also want to consult your owner's manual to see if it has instructions on changing the Basic Input Output System (BIOS) configuration to allow booting without a keyboard and mouse.

  • If your WMA11B Wireless B Media Adapter won't respond to the remote control, make certain that you are pointing the remote directly at the front of the media adapter. The remote control uses infrared light and will work only if it is pointed directly at the sensor near the top of the front of the unit. When installing the unit, make sure it is oriented so that the remote can reach the sensor.

  • If you don't see the Radio Tuner button along the left side of the Windows Media Player window, the program might be in skin mode. Right-click on the Windows Media Player window and choose Switch to Full Mode from the popup menu to display the buttons.

  • If the Internet radio station you're listening to repeatedly stops playing, you might need to choose a lower-bandwidth radio station. Look for the number shown in the Speed column of the radio tuner pane when you're choosing a station. Lower numbers indicate lower bandwidth (and lower sound quality). Look for the 28-kbps feeds if you're using a dialup connection.

  • If you hear frequent clicks from the speakers while listening to Internet radio stations, close any Internet Explorer windows that might be open. Also, look for a link on the now-playing pane that says something like “Refresh on Demand” and click it to stop automatic downloads of new information because these downloads often cause clicks.

  • When you move a WVC11B camera from a wired network connection to a wireless one, the IP address for the camera might change, making it somewhat difficult to find the camera on your network. Although the camera viewer utility can locate the correct IP address, you might want to use a fixed or “static” IP address when you set up the camera to avoid this problem.



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