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Chapter 10. Procedures > Document 8: The Procedural Document

Document 8: The Procedural Document

Date: February 19, 19XX

To: All Members of Group G

From: Abraham Levison, Systems Development

Subject: Purchase of Personal Computers

What is the purpose of this guide?

During the past year many members of Group G have found it helpful to use personal computers (PCs) in their work. Since we are currently purchasing a good deal of hardware and software, now is an excellent time to coordinate our efforts. This brief procedural guide is written for those planning to purchase a PC.

How do I know if I need a PC?

The personal business computer should be purchased if you are involved in any of these activities:

  • Support tasks with work involving group members

  • Repetitive operations requiring great accuracy

  • Maintenance of small data files

  • Access to computerized data bases of vendors

  • Data manipulation to develop projections and analyze alternatives, and/or

  • Generation of documents that demand professional appearance.

What is the procedure for purchasing a PC?

The three steps in purchasing a PC are as follows:

Step 1. Contact the Office of the Director, Systems Development Department, to discuss your needs. The Systems Development Department is very knowledgeable about personal computers, word processors, hardware, and software and so will provide invaluable assistance in determining the best purchase at the best possible cost.

Step 2. Present a written proposal and a purchase request (Form 2440A) for approval. The proposal must be divided into 3 sections. Section I must establish the need for a PC and analyze the benefits resulting from a PC purchase. Section II must identify the specific purchase(s) in mind. Section III must include an itemized statement of cost for all proposed hardware and software purchases.

Step 3. Coordinate all future purchases with Systems Development. After your PC and its software arrive, be sure to continue to coordinate all your purchases through Systems Development so that compatibility may be maintained throughout the group and so that a library of resources may be developed.

If these steps are followed, Group G will benefit from a coordinated purchase effort.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call me at X3266.



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