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Chapter 11. Working with Sounds > Publishing Documents Containing Audio

Publishing Documents Containing Audio

Sooner or later, you're going to want to export your Flash movie that contains audio as an SWF file. The process of publishing is relatively painless; however, there are a few considerations as to the compression of the files, which will be important to the size and playability of the Flash movie. Publishing requires knowledge of where the document will be used. For example, if the document is to be streamed over the Internet, and you're visitors have relatively low bandwidth; you would want to choose compression settings that would significantly reduce the size of the audio files. It's possible that the Flash document is intended for playing off a CD; in that case, you could increase the compression settings. When you're designing a Flash document it's imperative that you understand the end game, and design the document toward that goal. Always remember that you can design a Flash document, but it's your visitors that ultimately will see, and use it.

Publish Sound Documents

Click the File menu, and then click Publish Settings.

Check Flash (default) on the Formats tab.

Click the Flash tab.

Click the Set buttons for Audio Stream or Audio Event.

Click the Compression popup, and then select from the following options:

  • Disable. Turns off all sound compression options, and instructs Flash not to export sounds.

  • ADPCM. Performs minor compression to the audio files.

  • MP3. Creates audio files, especially music files with excellent quality in a small file size.

  • Raw. Leaves the sounds intact without any compression schemes applied.

  • Speech. Creates optimized files for the human voice.

Select the Convert Stereo To Mono checkbox for the ADPCM and RAW compression formats.

Based on your Compression selections from step 5, select the following options:

  • Sample Rate. Available for ADPCM, Raw, and Speech compression. The higher the sample rate the better the quality, but the bigger the file.

  • ADPCM bits. Higher bit values translate into better quality audio, but larger file sizes.

  • Quality. Available for MP3 compression. The Best option gives the finest quality, but produces a larger file.

  • Bit Rate. Available for MP3 compression. The higher the value the better the quality and the bigger the file.

Click OK.

Select the Override Sound Settings check box to take priority over the individual settings applied to the audio files.

Select the Export Device Sounds check box to export device sounds with the published Flash movie.

Click OK.



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