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Chapter 7. Printing and Faxing > Sending Fax Documents

Sending Fax Documents

Once you've decided whom the fax is to be sent to, and what the fax number is, the next step is to send the fax (). Sending a fax requires a knowledge of what type of modem you'll be using and what, if any, dialing prefixes are needed such as dialing 9 to get an outside line. Once you have that information, you're ready to send your document.

Send Fax Documents

Open a document that you want to fax.

Click the File menu, and then click Print.

Click Fax.

Enter any prefixes into the Dialing Prefix field.

Click the Modem pop-up, and then select the modem that will be used to send the fax.

IMPORTANT If your modem does not appear in the list, click Show Fax List for a listing of all available fax output options.

Click the Fax Options pop-up, and then select from the following options:

  • Fax Cover Page. Select the Cover Page option, and then type the text to display on the Cover Page.

  • Modem. Select between tone or pulse phones, whether to hear the dialing through your computer speakers, and if you want the modem to wait for a dial tone before beginning the fax process.

  • Copies & Pages. Lets you select from options such as pages to print, number of copies, and page scaling.

  • Layout. When printing large documents such as spreadsheets, allows you to select how many pages per sheet, the layout direction, border options, and two-sided printing.

  • Output Options. Saves the document as a Portable Document File (PDF) or Postscript (.ps) file.

  • Scheduler. Lets you schedule a time for faxing the document.

  • Paper Handling. Select to print in reverse order (page 1 prints last), whether to print all, odd, or even pages.

  • ColorSync. Gives you access to Macintosh's powerful ColorSync management system, and the ability to apply the new Quartz Filters to the printed document.

  • Printer Features. Select between low and high quality output.

  • Summary. Summarizes all of the current settings.

Click Fax.

Close your document.



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