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Chapter 25. Creating Access Data Project... > Moving Access to the Client/Server M...

Moving Access to the Client/Server Model

Access 2000's new Access Data Projects (ADP), also called Microsoft Access projects or Access client/server applications, let you connect to the Microsoft Data Engine (MSDE) on your PC or to networked SQL Server 6.5 and 7.0 databases without incurring the overhead of the Jet 4.0 database engine. MSDE is the embedded version of SQL Server 7.0 that runs under Windows 9x and Windows NT 4+. Following are the most important characteristics of ADP:

  • Like Data Access Pages (DAP), ADP doesn't use .mdb files. ADP store database front-end forms, reports, and other application objects in a single .adp compound document file (docfile), not within a conventional Access .mdb file.

  • The .adp file doesn't contain tables or queries; MSDE stores the tables and views. A viewis a precompiled SQL SELECT query, equivalent to an Access select query saved as a QueryDef (query definition) object.

  • MSDE stored procedures replace Access action queries. Like views, stored procedures are precompiled queries, but stored procedures aren't limited to SELECT queries. Stored procedures are especially efficient at performing INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE operations.

  • MSDE and SQL Server don't have the equivalent of Jet's lookup field or subdatasheet feature, so you lose these capabilities when migrating to a client/server back end.

  • ADP dispense with Jet, Open Database Connectivity (ODBC), and Data Access Objects (DAO), substituting OLE DB data providers and ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) for database connectivity and data manipulation, respectively. OLE DB and ADO are the subjects of Chapter 27, "Understanding Universal Data Access, OLE DB, and ADO."

  • Unlike DAP, you design ADP in Access's standard Form and Report views and use the standard toolbox to add native Access controls to the form.



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