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Chapter 10. Analyzing Your Competition > Formal Industry Analysis vs. Informal ...

Formal Industry Analysis vs. Informal Features Analysis

Understand that the informal analysis we recommend in this chapter involves online features and customer experience, not marketing or branding or product analyses of the company's current or future business position. These other analyses may have already been developed by the company and may provide an understanding of where the company has been and where it is going — especially as it relates to redesign goals. Gather as much information from the client as you can during this Discovery process.

 Formal Industry AnalysisInformal Features Analysis
TeamAn independent research team with expertise and background in marketing, communications, research, and/or strategy.Members of the web development team who will be re-creating the user experience online.
ApproachFormal analysis of industry, market segmentation, trends and forecasts, and customer needs.Informal analysis of competitive sites focusing on features and user experience.
ResultsQuantitative data–driven, market- and research-centered focus.Feature-driven, qualitative information; show what is working and what is not working.
ReportA huge book of information.5 to 20 pages, short and sweet.
Budget$20,000 and up.Lunch to $20,000.
GoalsProvide comprehensive, detailed, strategy-based recommendations on changing marketplaces, evolving business models, and customer habits and segmentation.Gain firsthand view of customer experience. Provide relevant documentation and industry information to the client.



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