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Chapter 11. Analyzing Data with PivotTab... > Creating PivotTables - Pg. 385

Analyzing Data with PivotTables and PivotCharts 385 10. 11. Notice that in addition to the columns for the order years, the PivotTable includes a column labeled Grand Total. At this point, however, no subtotals or totals are included, only the de- tailed data we calculated in the OrderAmount field. In the next section, we'll summarize the order amount data and perform other operations that show how you can use a PivotTable to analyze data. On the toolbar, click the Save button to save the new PivotTable form. Name the form Pro- ductsByCountry_PivotTable. On the toolbar, click the View button to open the PivotTable form in Design view. As you can see here, in Design view, the PivotTable resembles most other forms. You set PivotTable properties--for example, formatting properties for the various elements of a Piv- otTable--when the PivotTable is open in PivotTable view. You set form properties--the form's Caption property, for example--by opening the PivotTable form in Design view. Changes you make to a label's Caption property in Design view aren't carried into PivotTable view. (You will see these changes if you display the form in Form view.) You need to make changes to cap- tions in the PivotTable by using the PivotTable Properties dialog box.