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Chapter 11. Analyzing Data with PivotTab... > Creating PivotTables - Pg. 382

Analyzing Data with PivotTables and PivotCharts 382 The Chapter 11, version of HelloWorld.mdb If you explore the version of the HelloWorld database that we'll use in this chapter, you'll see that it includes a form named ShowPivotViews. We'll use this form later in the chapter. It isn't set up to work correctly at this point, so you'll see an error message if you open it before we make some modifications. In the following procedure, we'll create a PivotTable that shows the products sold in the campaign countries for the years 1996 through 1998. (These are the order dates included in the Northwind database.) After we create the PivotTable, we'll describe how to use various PivotTable operations to analyze the data it displays. Create a PivotTable 1. 2. Open the file HelloWorld11.mdb, located in the Chap11 folder where you copied the sample files for this book. In the Database window, click Queries, select the query named qryProductsByCountry, and then click Design. You'll see the tables and fields included in this query in the Query Design window, shown here: