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Part V: An Evening with Advanced Windows > Using Windows on the Road

Hour 17. Using Windows on the Road

This hour shows how Windows XP supports mobile computing environments. If you use a laptop, you'll appreciate the laptop-aware features that Microsoft included with Windows XP. Windows XP supports power management functions and recognizes when you change a laptop's configuration using a different type of Plug and Play, in which you're not required to turn off your laptop when making common hardware changes, such as docking the laptop into a docking bay.

Perhaps you use a laptop on the road and a desktop computer at the office or at home. If so, you need to transfer files easily between them and, at the same time, keep those files in synchronization so that you always work with the latest file version. Whatever your situation, the Windows Briefcase will help you synchronize your document files so they remain as current as possible.

The nature of laptop use is mobile computing. The cables you must plug in when connecting your laptop to a printer or to another PC make the laptop somewhat cumbersome when you want to communicate to another device. Fortunately, most of today's laptops come with infrared ports so that you can access other devices without cables.

In this hour, you will

  • Learn why automatic configuration for mobile computing environments is so important

  • Discover why the Briefcase feature is the most important icon for Windows XP users who work with both portable and desktop computers

  • Watch as Windows detects common laptop hardware changes

  • Use infrared connections to make communicating with peripherals and other computers simpler than using cables



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