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Part 1. Using Common Office Features > Task 9 How to Print a File

Task 9 How to Print a File

To print an Office file, you must have a printer connected to your computer, the appropriate printer driver installed, and the printer must be turned on and ready to print. You can send the file to the printer immediately, using the default printer settings, or you first can set specific printing options by using the Print dialog box. Depending on the program and your setup, the printer options you see might vary slightly from those shown here.

  1. Open the Print Dialog Box

    To set printing options, choose File, Print. The Print dialog box opens. (The figures in this task show Print dialog boxes from Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Access. Despite subtle differences, the Print dialog box works the same way for every Office file or Outlook item you print.)

  2. Choose a Printer

    If you have access to more than one printer, use the Name drop-down list to choose another printer. (The Print dialog box shown in this figure is from Excel.)

  3. Choose a Page Range

    To designate specific pages or selected data to print, use the options in the Page range or Print range area of the dialog box. (The precise name of this option depends on what type of file you're trying to print.) To print every page, select the All option; or type a single page number or a range, such as 2-4.(The dialog box in this figure is from Word.)

  4. Number of Copies

    To print multiple copies of the file, indicate a number in the Number of copies box. (The dialog box in this figure is from PowerPoint. Notice the numerous options for printing slides, which are more graphical in nature than other Office files.)

  5. Print

    Click OK to print the file using the options that you've specified in the dialog box.(The dialog box shown here is from Access.)

  6. Use the Print Toolbar Button

    To print the current file using the default printer settings without selecting any new options, click the Print button on the Standard toolbar.



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