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Part IV: Unleashing Day-to-Day Windows 9... > Portable Windows: The Briefcase and ...

Chapter 22. Portable Windows: The Briefcase and Direct Cable Connection


A man must carry knowledge with him, if he would bring home knowledge.

Samuel Johnson

It used to be that notebook computers occupied very specific and unalterable niches in the computing ecology. Sales professionals didn't leave home without them, executives on business trips routinely packed their portables, and corporate employees without a personal machine lugged a laptop home to do some extra work. In each case, though, the notebook computer—with its cramped keyboard, hard-to-read LCD display, and minuscule hard disk—was always considered a poor substitute for a desktop machine.

For many years it seemed that notebooks were doomed to remain among the lower castes in the social hierarchy of personal computers. But recent developments have caused notebooks to shed their inferiority complex. Today's luggables have impressive 800×600 (or better) displays, gigabyte-sized hard disks, and built-in sound and CD-ROMs. There's even one—the IBM ThinkPad 701C—with a keyboard that expands when you flip the cover! Add a couple of PC card slots, connectors for full-sized keyboards and monitors, maybe even a docking station, and suddenly your desktop system doesn't look so superior.

The notebook community's bid for respectability wasn't lost on the designers of Windows 98. They incorporated many notebook-specific features into the operating system, including support for power management, PC Card devices, and infrared ports. I discuss all these notebook knickknacks in Chapter 11, “Device Advice: Dealing with Devices in Windows 98.”

Windows 98 also includes two features that let you exchange data between your portable and a desktop or network: Briefcase and Direct Cable Connection. I cover both these features in this chapter.



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