You can set your watch to it: As soon as Apple comes out withanother version of Mac OS X, David Pogue hits the streets withanother meticulous Missing Manual to cover it with a wealth ofdetail. The new Mac OS X 10.4, better known as Tiger, is fasterthan its predecessors, but nothing's too fast for Pogue and MacOS X: The Missing Manual. There are many reasons why this isthe most popular computer book of all time.

With its hallmark objectivity, the Tiger Edition thoroughlyexplores the latest features to grace the Mac OS. Which ones workwell and which do not? What should you look for? This book tacklesSpotlight, an enhanced search feature that helps you find anythingon your computer; iChat AV for videoconferencing; Automator forautomating repetitive, manual or batch tasks; and the hundreds ofsmaller tweaks and changes, good and bad, that Apple's marketingnever bothers to mention.

Mac OS X: The Missing Manual, Tiger Edition is theauthoritative book that's ideal for every user, including peoplecoming to the Mac for the first time. Our guide offers an idealintroduction that demystifies the Dock, the unfamiliar Mac OS Xfolder structure, and the entirely new Mail application. There arealso mini-manuals on iLife applications such as iMovie, iDVD, andiPhoto, those much-heralded digital media programs, and a tutorialfor Safari, Mac's own web browser.

And plenty more: learn to configure Mac OS X using the SystemPreferences application, keep your Mac secure with FileVault, andlearn about Tiger's enhanced Firewall capabilities. If you're soinclined, this Missing Manual also offers an easy introduction tothe Terminal application for issuing basic Unix commands.

There's something new on practically every page, and David Poguebrings his celebrated wit and expertise to every one of them. Mac'sbrought a new cat to town and we have a great new way to tameit.

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