New York Times computer columnist David Pogue has just updated his bestselling Mac OS X:The Missing Manual! And once again, he applies his scrupulous objectivity to this exciting new operating system, revealing which new features work well and which do not. With new material on almost every page, this second edition offers a wealth of detail on the myriad changes in OS X 10.2. Apple says that 10.2 introduces 150 new features to Mac OS X, but for once it undercounted. "Jaguar" is a different animal entirely. It's faster, more powerful, and much more customizable -- but it still comes without a manual. The first edition of Mac OS X: The Missing Manual was the #1 bestselling computer book of 2002, selling 100,000 copies in six months. Now David Pogue brings his humor and expertise to this completely rewritten, greatly expanded edition. It covers: Getting started. The early chapters demystify the Dock, the Finder toolbar, and the unfamiliar Mac OS X folder structure. New technologies. Mac OS X 10.2 includes dramatic enhancements in Internet integration (Sherlock 3, iCal, iSync, .Mac, a built-in firewall, Internet sharing), networking (Rendezvous, Windows compatibility, virtual private networking), and entertainment (iTunes 3, DVD Player, Inkwell, iChat). Basics of Unix. You can sail along in Mac OS X without ever realizing that you're using Unix. But if you're tempted by the power of the command line, this book contains a gentle, intelligent introduction. Finding familiar features. This second edition includes two of the popular "Where'd It Go?" Appendixes: one for veteran Mac fans, and one for Windows refugees. Look up any traditional feature -- and find out precisely where Apple put it in Mac OS X 10.2. As always, Mac OS X:The Missing Manual offers warm, witty writing, and bursts with the shortcuts, surprises, and design touches that make the Mac the most passionately championed computer in the world.

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