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Part IV: Appendixes > Inside TweakUI

D.1. Inside TweakUI

TweakUI is a handy tool that provides more control over a wide variety of Windows settings than is available through the standard Windows XP interface. The tips are arranged into the following categories:


The Tips subsection lets you peruse the collection of Windows tips that, by default, are displayed every time you start Windows XP. These tips can be edited by opening the Registry Editor (regedit.exe) and going to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Tips.

The Policy subsection simply provides a link to the Group Policy editor discussed in Chapter 4.


Among the more interesting settings in this category are options that allow you to turn off the PC Speaker beep (which doesn't always work), selectively disable certain types of animation, and keep Windows from stealing the focus while you're working.


Move the Menu Speed control all the way to the left (Fast) to eliminate the delay when opening menus. The other options allow you to fine-tune how Windows responds to double-clicks, mouse hover, and the mouse wheel.


The settings in this category allow you to hide additional entries from the Start menu, disable the Documents history, turn off the "Shortcut to" prefix for new shortcuts, program your keyboard's navigation keys, and even revert the Search tool to the "classic" style found in Windows 2000/Me.

Common Dialogs

This extremely useful category (see Figure D-2) lets you customize the "Places Bar" shown in most File Open and File Save dialog boxes. Just select "Custom places bar" and type your five most frequently used folders in the spaces provided.



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