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Grouping objects

Multiple objects are sometimes easier to work with if you tie them together as a unit. This is called grouping. When objects are grouped, they move together and can be manipulated as a single unit. Scaling and rotation control all objects in the group at the same time. You can also combine two groups or combine a group and an object. This is referred to as nested grouping.

Select the Pointer tool on the Tools panel and move the pointer over one of the ellipses in the center of the candy.

When you move over an object, red handles appear around the object. You might find this option distracting at first, but it does make it easy to determine what object you are pointing to before you actually select the object. Since the ellipse is red and the handles are red, it might be difficult to see them, but you’ll see some movement when you move over one of the objects.


If you decide you don’t want to see the red handles when you move over an object, you can turn off that option in the Preferences dialog box. Choose Edit > Preferences or Fireworks > Preferences (Mac) and select Editing from the tabs. Deselect Mouse Highlight from the Pointer Tool Options section of the dialog box.

Hold down Shift and click each of the ellipses to select them.

You could also use the Select All method as you did before and then Shift-click the candy to deselect it from the group.

Choose Modify > Group.

The grouped object has four blue handles around it. If you move the group to a new location, the group now moves as one.

To ungroup the objects, choose Modify > Ungroup.


In Windows, you can use the Group and Ungroup buttons on the Modify toolbar. Choose Window > Toolbars > Modify to access the Modify toolbar.

Select both the candy and the center group, and group them.

With all the elements of the logo grouped, moving the candy and the center design is easy.



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