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Chapter 9. Troubleshooting > Other Problems

Other Problems

A number of other problems have specific solutions:

  • If other iApps can t see your photos, or if some photos or albums are missing, quit all the iApps, drag the file AlbumData.xml from the iPhoto Library to the Desktop, launch iPhoto, create a new album, quit iPhoto, and try the other programs again.

  • You can force iPhoto to save changes made to a book in progress by switching to another application and back again.

  • If you have trouble with iPhoto s photo sharing or the sharing tools that upload data, shut off or bypass your firewall to see if it s blocking necessary ports.

  • If iPhoto complains about being unable to establish a connection when uploading to .Mac, set the date correctly in the Date & Time preference pane.

  • If iPhoto complains about an unexpected error when uploading to HomePage, the culprits may be photos named with high ASCII characters (anything typed with the key, or characters in other alphabets). Export them, rename them, reimport them, and delete the originals.

  • If you can t upload to HomePage, or if the HomePage button disappears, repair permissions using Disk Utility. If that doesn t help, delete iPhoto and reinstall.

  • If mailing a photo in Apple s Mail doesn t result in an enclosure, and another user on the Mac has done the same thing, restart the Mac and try again.

  • If you ve ended up with duplicate photos for some reason, you can delete them with iPhoto Diet from http://pages.cpsc.ucalgary.ca/~fuhrer/personal/freestuff/. Make a backup first!



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