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Chapter 4. How to use the Finder Windows > Three window views of the same conte...

Three window views of the same contents

You can change how you view the contents of a Finder window. Some people like to see their window's contents as icons in Icon View; some prefer to view a list of names in List View; while others prefer columns showing the contents of multiple folders at once in Column View. In the short exercises that follow, you'll experiment with viewing the windows in different views.

These are the View buttons you see in the Toolbar—click one to change the view of the active window.

Icon View

Below you see a Finder window in Icon View. Each icon represents a file of some sort. It might be a document, a folder, an application, a disk, or something else.

Exercise 1: Experiment with views and with Icon View.

If you don't have a Finder window open, do this: In the Dock, single-click the “Finder” icon (shown to the right).

Finder icon: Single-click this to open a Finder window.

In the Sidebar of the window, single-click the “Applications” icon. The contents of the Applications folder appears in the window pane.

Now click the View buttons one at a time to see how the contents appear in each of the different views.

If you accidentally double-click on an icon that is not a folder, it will open that application. To quit, click once on the menu to the right of the blue apple, slide your mouse down to the bottom, and click once on “Quit.”

Go back to the Icon View: single-click the far-left View button.

When in Icon View, double-click any folder icon to see the contents of that folder (the new contents will replace what you currently see in this window).

Single-click again on the Applications icon in the Sidebar to view the Applications window again.

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