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Lesson 11. Mixing Audio Tracks > Preparing the Project

Preparing the Project

To get started in Lesson 11, you will launch Final Cut Pro and open the project for this lesson.

Launch Final Cut Pro and choose File > Open, or press Cmd-O. Select the Lesson 11 Project file from the Lessons folder on your hard drive.

In the Timeline, click between the Canoe Club – Mono and Canoe Club – Finished sequence tabs. Play the Canoe Club – Finished sequence.

The volume levels in the Canoe Club– Finished sequence have been adjusted and mixed together. In the Canoe Club – Mono sequence, the audio clips are at their original sound levels, and the narration clips are mono. In this lesson, you will convert the mono clips into stereo pairs and adjust the volume of the music and sound effects tracks to create a good mix with the narration.

Click the Team Story sequence tab, and play the sequence.

This sequence combines reflections from the Yamaha of Troy Motocross Racing Team. To add to the dramatic effect, the speed was changed on the first three clips. You will learn to change clip speed in the next lesson. In this lesson, you will add music and sound effects to this sequence, learn to isolate and preview tracks, and then mix the audio tracks together.


In the Timeline, most of the clips contain the team members' initials. They are: PA - Phil Alderton, DS - Danny Smith, BS - Brock Sellard, and MB - Mike Brown.

Close the Canoe Club – Finished sequence, and click the Canoe Club – Mono sequence tab so it is active for the next exercise. In the Sequences bin in the Browser, change the name of the Canoe Club – Mono sequence to Canoe Club Mix.

When you change the name of an open sequence, the new name appears on the sequence tab in the Timeline.



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