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Lesson 6. Adjusting Edit Points > Using the Slide Tool

Using the Slide Tool

The Slide tool is used when you want to adjust a clip slightly to the left or right. The clip you are moving does not change duration or content. But the previous clip's Out point and following clip's In point do change. In this respect, sliding a clip is like rolling an edit point, except that you are rolling both of a clip's edit points at once as you slide the clip in one direction or another. The Slide tool shares the same location as the Slip Item tool in the Tool palette.

For this exercise, make sure linked selection is toggled on.

In the Browser, open the Amanda Sliding sequence, and play the first three clips.

If you want to reposition the middle clip, 97E-man, slide it into the clip on either the left or the right. For this exercise, you will slide it left to start earlier in the sequence, just after the narrator says, “…steep fall markets.”

To select the Slide tool in the Tool palette, click and hold the Slip tool until the Slide icon appears; then select it, or press SS.

With the Slide tool, click and hold the 97E-man clip.

The brown outline boxes appear, this time around the three clips involved with this adjustment.

Press N to turn off snapping, and drag the 97E-man clip to the left. Don't release the mouse until you look at both the clip in the sequence and the two-up display in the Canvas image area.

As you slide the middle clip, the outside edges of the outer two clips do not move; only the inner edges that border the middle clip move to show how the clips are compensating for the adjustment.

In the Canvas two-up display, the two frames show the new Out point of the first clip and the new In point of the third clip. You can watch these frames as you drag to determine the best position for the clip you are sliding.

Release the mouse, and play these three clips again.


The length of the sequence does not change when you slide clips.

Press Shift-M to move the playhead to the marker. Press Option-+ to zoom into this part of the sequence, and play the area around this cutaway of Amanda.

This cutaway might appear smoother if it were positioned a little earlier, into the previous clip, just before the man speaks again toward the end of the clip.

With the Slide tool, drag the 98A-amanda cutaway clip to the left. Watch the left Canvas frame to see where the man begins talking. Position the 98A-amanda clip where the man begins talking, and position the 98A-amanda clip just before this point. Then, release the mouse.

Play the cutaway in its new position. If it needs to be readjusted, slide it left or right.



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