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Chapter 4. Messaging and email > The Treo 600 Inbox

The Treo 600 Inbox

Icon to look for


Installed on most Treo 600's is an app simply called Mail that is a simple but more than adequate POP3 email client. It has support for attachments, lets you work offline, and will auto-deliver your mail based on the schedule you specify. Its simplicity is perfect for basic email usage.

File an email away

One of the nice features of Mail is its File command (Menu + I) in which a selected email will be put into a file folder, escaping purges and sorts. File special email away where it can't be tossed. This also works for email you plan to come back to later.

The on-board mail app for the Treo 600 smartphone is the no-nonsense application called Mail. With it you can send and receive POP3 email for multiple accounts. Whether you choose to stick with Mail as your app of choice will depend on how much you rely on email. But out of the box, give it a go. As your needs grow, you can always upgrade to SnapperMail or other comparable mail apps. Should you need VPN or enterprise connectivity to Outlook, look to the business solutions on page 72.

Deleted mail

When you delete email, it goes to Mail's delete folder but doesn't really go away. Go to the Delete folder and Empty Deleted Items to clear them away from memory. Do the same purge procedures for your in- and out-boxes for items sent past a certain date.

Smart text engine

Select a URL within an email and Mail will launch your web browser. Select a phone number and Mail will launch your Phone and dial it. Select an email address from within an email, such as the cc: field, and Mail will launch a new email to that person.

Treo 600 Mail troubleshooting


Setting up email can be confusing. Don't get frustrated. The palmOne.com website has helpful interactive tutorials, and your manual gives step-by-step instructions for the easy to set up Mail app. Here's more information that can be helpful, too.

Is it entered correctly?

More often than not, you can't send or receive email because something – colons, an extra space – is entered incorrectly in the setup fields. Check letter by letter to ensure that you've entered everything exactly right. Chances are a simple typo is stopping you.

Problem with sending mail?

The SMTP server settings you use on your computer may not always work on a wireless phone. This is an effort by your email service provider to prevent spam.

Your carrier makes this easy, however. Simply substitute your carrier's SMTP server name for that of your service provider. You will also need a username and password for your carrier's SMTP server. Call your carrier for the setting or see palmOne online support for more details, www.palmOne.com/support.

Attach it to me

Send stuff from your computer to your Treo email via attachments: sounds, files, photos, even Treo apps. Send stuff you know you'll need at a meeting, too.

Blind copy yourself

You might get all your email on both your Treo and your PC, but email you send from your Treo will not show up on your PC unless you copy or blind copy yourself.


This popular third party email program surpasses the features of Mail on the Treo 600. It is a robust email client for the demanding user with plenty of clever, thoughtful touches. It receives ZIP files, for instance. Or, its display finger mode makes screen elements the size of a fingertip. SnapperMail is available at www.palmOne.com. For more on SnapperMail, see page 112.

Carrier email

Most of the carriers that sell Treo smartphones have their own email solutions for personal, individual business access, or company-wide service. Check your manual or with your carrier for plans and solutions that fit your network.

Business POP3

If your business uses POP3 email but it is behind a firewall, you'll need to choose a corporate email solution instead. See the next page for more info.

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