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Email overview

Email clients

Use the built-in VersaMail® for either POP3 or IMAP.

For POP3 accounts, use the included Mail app. For IMAP accounts, purchase SnapperMail, Agendus, or others.


IMAP mail allows users to access messages from more than one device, treating all email as if it was local and not on a distant server. For example, if you've read a message on a PC, it will appear as read on your Treo smartphone, not new. And if you answer an email from your smartphone, it appears so on your PC.


AOL Mail now works with IMAP, enabling you to use any IMAP client to access your AOL mailboxes.

Mobile email frees you from your desk, enabling you to work anywhere, anytime. Scan your email, forward important sales materials, catch up with the family – all on the train commute home. Your smartphone offers you many choices for keeping up with your email for either business or personal use.

What is SMTP?

The settings that are applied for sending email are different than for receiving. The protocol used to send mail for both POP3 and IMAP mail accounts is called SMTP. Your Mail app also calls this outgoing, or outgoing server. You send email via the SMTP server for both POP3 and IMAP accounts. Your carrier (Sprint, for example) may suggest you use its SMTP server, instead of the one provided by your ISP (Earthlink, for example). The SMTP server settings for many carriers are listed on the palmOne support site.

Email accounts


POP3 and IMAP email

If you use a service provider like Yahoo!, Earthlink, SBC, or other similar providers around the country, then you can use the POP3 email program that come factory- installed on your Treo smartphone. Setting up new POP3 email service and accounts is easy. Your service provider will have setup info on their website. If you use an IMAP account, check your provider's website for setup procedures.

Hotmail and Yahoo!

Hotmail does not publish their mail settings, but you can use the Treo web browser in Wide Mode and get your mail. Yahoo!'s POP Access and Forwarding service, Yahoo! Mail Plus, will send your Yahoo! Mail to your Treo for a small annual fee. See http://mailplus.mail.yahoo.com.


Business mail for individuals

If you need access to your business email, but your company does not have a mobile email solution for employees with smartphones, you can use what's called a “redirector.” Redirector software runs on your office PC and forwards email securely to your Treo. Note: for this to work at all hours, your desktop must be turned on and logged onto the company network – make sure your sleep settings on your office PC align with your usage of your Treo smartphone.

Business mail for company-wide use

If your company uses a server-based email system for Microsoft Outlook, GroupWise, or Lotus Notes to deliver email, you'll need to set up a third-party corporate email solution on your Treo smartphone (see page 70).

Setup that's a snap

The easiest way to set up your Treo smartphone POP3 email account is to use the same settings as your computer's POP3 email app. Open your PC or Mac's email program, find the settings menu and use it to type in the same name, password, incoming server, and outgoing (SMTP) server name.

Multiple Accounts

Most email apps, including VersaMail® and Mail can handle multiple accounts. Your Treo smartphone can handle multiple email applications, too.

Heavy email use

Email can be one of the biggest power and memory drains for your Treo smartphone, depending on how much you receive, how often your email app checks for email, how many attachments you get, and whether or not your Treo downloads them. When power is low, go to your mail app's preference settings and turn off the auto email checks, or lessen their frequency.

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