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Chapter Six. Text Messaging (SMS) > Commonly Used SMS Shorthand

Commonly Used SMS Shorthand

1ceoncecidconsider it done
2tocmicall me
2nitetonightcusee you
4forcu @see you around
911emergency, call mecul or cul8trsee you later
afaikas far as i knowd, de, dathe
akaalso known asdondoing
asapas soon as possibledylmdo you like me
atball the bestezeasy
ayorat your own riskf2fface to face
bbef2tfree to talk
b/cbecausefotflolfalling on the floor laughing out loud
b4beforefyifor your information
b4n or bfnbye for nowgalget a life
bblbe back late(r)gr8 or grtgreat
bcnube seeing yougtggot to go
b'daybirthdaygudlukgood luck
bhl8be home lateh8hate
bilboss is listeninghakhugs and kisses
brbbe right backhandhave a nice day
btdtbeen there done thathow r uhow are you
btwby the wayici see
buzz offbuzz offiluvui love you
cseeimhoin my humble opinion
imnshoin my not so humble opinionomgoh, my god
imtngin meetingpcm or pcmeplease call me
iyqi like youpls or plzplease
j/k or jkkidding or just kiddingpplpeople
jicjust in caserare
kitkeep in touchrtfmread the flippin' manual
kwimknow what i meanruare you
l8lateru cmngare you coming
l8er or l8rlaterru ok or ruokare you ok?
lollaughing out loudsitstay in touch
luv or lvlovespkspeak
mgmtmanagementstfushut the flip up
mtfbwumay the force be with youteltelephone
mtgmeetingthkq or tqthank you
mthmonththx or txthanks
myobmind your own businesstmbtext me back
nandttyltalk to you later
n/anot applicabletxt bactext back
neanytyvmthank you very much
no1no oneura*you are a star
nufnnothingurqatyou are a cutie
npno problemw/with
nvmnever mindw/owithout
oicoh, i seew8wait
w84mwait for mewud?what you doing
wan2want toxlntexcellent
wan2tlkwant to talk?xoxoxhugs and kisses
wruwhere are you?yysswyeah yeah sure sure whatever
wuwhat's up?  



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