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Lesson 6. Working with Effects > Creating a picture-in-picture effect

Creating a picture-in-picture effect

Premiere Elements has the ability to superimpose 99 tracks of video. In this exercise, you will be taking a video clip and superimposing it over your pre-existing video.

Return to the Effects workspace by clicking on the Effects button in the taskbar.

From your Media Window, click and drag the clip EffectsIntro into the Video 2 track of your timeline, making sure the clip is aligned to the beginning of your timeline by dragging the clip to the left.


You need to be able to see the Video 2 track in order to drag the Effects Intro clip into it. You may need to scroll up through your timeline window to view the track.

In the timeline, click on the EffectsIntro clip and then press the spacebar to play the project. Notice that because the clip in Track 2 is above the clip in Track 1, it is obscuring the clip below. When the clip finishes, press the spacebar to stop playback. Press the Home key to place your current-time indicator at the beginning of the timeline.


Even though the clip in Video 2 is obscuring the clip in Video 1, both audio tracks are active and will play at the same time.

Click on the EffectsIntro clip in the timeline to select it and then choose Window > Workspace > Advanced Effects.

Click on the arrow to the right of the Motion control to reveal the properties for Position, Scale, Scale Width, Rotation, and Anchor Point. Place your cursor over the value for Scale, which reads 100 and then click and drag to the left to change the value to 50. As you change the scale, the EffectsIntro clip shrinks to half its original size. At this point the video clip is centered in the middle of your frame. You will now reposition the clip to create a traditional Picture in Picture effect.

Although you could reposition the Intro clip using the Position controls, there is an easier way. Click on the EffectsIntro clip in the Monitor window and notice that the clip changes appearance. There are now handles on the edges, indicating that the clip is active. Click and drag the Intro clip to the bottom left corner of the monitor window.

Press the Enter key on your keyboard to render the project. Remember that effects and transitions are viewable in real time but the capabilities of the preview vary from system to system. Rendering your project will provide you with a more accurate representation of your final output. Notice after rendering that there is now a blue-green bar above the clips which had effects applied.

Press the Home key to place the current-time indicator at the beginning of the timeline, and press the spacebar to view your project with the Picture in Picture effect enabled.



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