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Lesson 10. Creating Web Pages > Exporting as HTML

Exporting as HTML

Although it is not designed to compete with Dreamweaver, FreeHand does a good job of creating HTML pages, but it does have limitations. For example, in the last task you added links to buttons using the Navigation panel. When you check your links in the browser, you’ll see that the buttons work as expected, but FreeHand offers no way for you to provide alternate text for a link—that is, text that appears when the user rolls over a button or image. As you build your pages in FreeHand, remember that you are using Freehand as a design tool for your web pages. Once the approval process is complete, you can take the FreeHand HTML files into Dreamweaver for fine-tuning.

Choose File > Publish as HTML. In the HTML Output dialog box, click Setup.

In the HTML Setup dialog box, you specify the method for creating the HTML pages from your document. The default settings create a folder on your desktop. This folder is titled FreeHand HTML Output. All of the HTML pages and the exported images are placed within that folder.

From the Vector Art pop-up menu, choose GIF. Click OK.

The FreeHand default file format for exporting vector art is SWF. You’ve added links to the buttons on the page and want the button links to work in all browsers, so you want your buttons exported as GIF files. If you export your buttons as SWF files, your users will need the Flash plug-in to view your buttons.

In the HTML Output dialog box, select View in Browser or HTML Editor. Choose your browser from the browser pop-up menu.

If your browser does not appear in the pop-up menu, click Browse and locate your browser.


If you have Macromedia Dreamweaver installed, you can select it from the pop-up menu instead of a browser. When FreeHand completes exporting your file, it will open Dreamweaver for you.

Click Save as HTML.

FreeHand exports your files and saves them in the specified folder. Your home page opens in the browser (or HTML editor) you selected in step 3.

If FreeHand encounters problems when exporting your files, it displays the HTML Output Warnings dialog box listing all of the errors.



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