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Chapter 2. Installing Your DVD Recorder

Chapter 2. Installing Your DVD Recorder

In This Chapter

  • Checking installation requirements

  • Preparing for the installation

  • Determining the right jumper settings

  • Installing your new EIDE drive

  • Connecting a FireWire or USB recorder

  • Troubleshooting EIDE hardware

  • Troubleshooting FireWire and USB hardware

Most internal CD and DVD recorders available for today's computers use an EIDE connection—for technical types, that stands for Enhanced Integrated Drive Electronics, a type of connection that's supported by all of today's PCs. Luckily, however, normal human beings need only remember the acronym (and only when shopping, just to make sure that you've bought a drive with the right kind of connection).

Although EIDE hardware is very easy to install, there are still jumpers to configure, cables to connect, and a drive that needs to find its way into your computer's case—and that's what this chapter is all about. I'll show you how to install both your drive and the bundled software that came with it…and don't worry, you don't have to be a computer technician to install a DVD recorder. As a matter of fact, if you can handle a screwdriver, you already have all the tools you need!

By reading the instructions that came with your recorder and by following the step-by-step procedures in this chapter, anyone can install their own drive (and brag about it afterward).



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