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Chapter 27. Sales > Working with Words

Working with Words


From the following list, select the word that best fits the meaning of each sentence and write the word in the blank space provided. Use each word only once. Use all of the words.

territorieswholesalesales collateralsconsultative selling

1:T-Mart buys t-shirts in bulk from the factory and sells them _______________ to consumers in their shop.
2:A _______________ analysis describes a product's characteristics and tells how it can help the purchaser.
3:_______________ involves assessing needs or problems and trying to solve them.
4:The _______________ that Amos George gave to his client included a booklet on how to get a home loan, an information sheet on evaluating personal creditworthiness, and a small calculator with his name and phone number printed above the display.
5:Apex Distribution Company bought their supplies of paint products from Picture Perfect Paint Manufacturing, Inc. They bought them _______________.
6:Identifying potential customers is also known as _______________.
7:The company divided the country into geographical _______________ and then assigned two representatives to each area.
8:As an _______________ to buy their cars, the automobile maker offered to include twenty tanks of free gasoline.
9:As part of her _______________, Joan asked the pharmacist if she would like to order two dozen bottles of the new drug.
10:Cliff was not a good _______________ for ABC Machines because he had new equipment and did not need any new machines.


In each group, underline the word that does not belong with the others. Then state why it doesn't belong.

1:sales collateral, support material, product, price list
2:problem-solving, helpful, physician, consultative
3:customer, distributor, middleman, wholesaler
4:retail seller, seller to end user, manufacturer, seller to ultimate purchaser
5:wholesale, bulk, quantity, telemarketing
6:offer, cents, coupon, incentive
7:sales promotion, features and benefits, consultative selling, problem-solving
8:lead, follow, prospect, potential customer
9:closing, preapproach, preparation, planning
10:territory, prospecting, closing, preapproach planning


Read the following ad and answer the questions that follow it.


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1:What incentive does Harry's give readers to buy the kit soon?
2:What did Harry pay for the kits?
3:What price is Harry selling them for? Is this probably a good price for the consumers?
4:List four features of the Dance Your Way to Health kit.
5:List three benefits of the Dance Your Way to Health kit.



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