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Chapter 25. Selling Stuff Online > The Do-It-Yourself Method: Selling Stuff fro... - Pg. 284

Selling Stuff Online 284 Webmaster Wisdom If you have a large number of products, you may prefer to create a shopping cart that "remembers" customers' orders has they navigate through your site. That's a bit advanced for this book, but not for my book Special Edition Using JavaScript (Que, 2001), which devotes and entire chapter to creating a shopping cart. Figure 25.3 shows the top part of the form, which holds the list of products and the customer's order quantities. Note that the subtotals and order total are calculated automatically. That is, when the customer changes a quantity and moves to another field, the various totals are recalculated right away. Note, too, that things are set up so that the user can't edit the subtotal or order total fields. Figure 25.4 shows the bottom part of the form, which is where the user enters his or her personal data.