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Chapter 8. Write This Way > Shaping and Drafting - Pg. 89

Write This Way 89 Shaping and Drafting Writer's Block Just because a source appears in print, in the media, or online doesn't mean that it's valid. As a result, you must carefully evaluate every source you find before you use it by reading critically and carefully. I cover this in Chapter 18, "Seek and Ye Shall Find." Effective writing presents the ideas in an organized, logical manner. Shaping your writing involves grouping similar ideas, eliminating non-essential ideas, and arranging ideas in a logical order. Here's the scoop: · Group related ideas.Sort your research into two categories: general and specific. Then place all the specific ideas under the general ones. Sorting ideas like this demonstrates that effective writing starts with general statements backed up by specific details. · Eliminate nonessential ideas.If an idea doesn't fit, set it aside. Thanks to computers, you can safely stash the idea in another file and return to it later if you change your mind.