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Chapter 20. Informational Speeches > In the Hot Seat: Giving Testimony - Pg. 167

Informational Speeches 167 Speech of the Devil In court cases, companies have been at fault when women have been discouraged from applying for jobs, when African-Americans have been judged solely by a group of whites, when interviewers have not been trained, and when companies have not kept adequate records. If you are employed by a major corporation, speak to your human resources department to obtain a copy of these guidelines and the company's interview policy. In many companies, it's mandatory that a representative from the human resources department sit in on all job interviews. If you belong to a small company or run your own shop, be sure to obtain a copy of the federal guidelines and study them carefully before you conduct a job interview. In the Hot Seat: Giving Testimony More than 14 million people are arrested every year. Given the high number of bad guys, it's likely that at some point in your life you'll be required to testify under oath. In addition to appearing at a trial, you may be called to testify before an investigative committee or commission. The purpose of testimony is to present facts and evidence from which other people will draw con- clusions. These "other people" may include judges, juries, and committee members. As a witness,