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Part 7. Using Office's Internet Tools > Task 2 How to Perform a Web Search

Task 2 How to Perform a Web Search

One of the most frustrating aspects of using the Web is searching for information. When following links doesn't take you to the information you're looking for, you need to use a search engine to help narrow your search. Search engines are specially designed to frequently catalog and index World Wide Web pages. When you enter a keyword or phrase, the search engine looks through its catalog and returns a list of related matches. Internet Explorer's Search button accesses several of the most popular search engines available. The default search engine varies each time you use Internet Explorer, but you can perform comparable searches by using each search engine. The following examples were created using MSN Search. Other search engines work in a similar fashion and provide many of the same features; however, because each search engine has its own design, the specifics might vary somewhat.

  1. Click the Search Button

    Connect to the Internet and start Internet Explorer. From the Internet Explorer window, click the Search button on the toolbar.

  2. The Search Pane Opens

    The Search pane opens on the left side of the screen and displays a default search engine. In this figure, the MSN Search tool is displayed.

  3. Enter Search Text

    Type a word or phrase in the text box, and click Search to start searching (the button's name might be different in other search engines). In this figure, I'm searching for the term shrub roses.

  4. View the Results

    The result of the search is a list of links to Web pages that contain your word or phrase; the list might be very long, or it might have no links at all. Scroll through the list to see various links you can follow.

  5. Click a Link in the Results List

    In the results list, click a likely hyperlink to jump to that Web page. The Web page pane displays the page. (To maximize your screen space, click the Search button on the Internet Explorer toolbar to close the Search pane.)

  6. Conduct an Advanced Search

    To reduce the number of possible Web pages you must look through, click the use advanced search button (under the Search text box) to enter criteria that narrows your search. Select additional criteria and click Search again.



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